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  • Direct links to protein sequence and structure databases

UniProt database information of SWISS-PROT / TrEMBL (ID) (i.e. FTSA_ECOLI) -> 
UniProt database information of SWISS-PROT / TrEMBL (AC) (i.e. P0A9A6) -> 
NiceZyme View of ENZYME (EC number) (i.e.> 
ProDom sharing-domain group (SWISS-PROT / TrEMBL ID or AC; i.e. SRC1_XENLA)-> 
InterPro Entry (i.e.IPR003494)-> 
Uniprot-Pfam entry (SWISS-PROT / TrEMBL ID or AC; i.e. SRC1_XENLA)-> 
Xfam/Pfam Protein Family entry (family code; i.e. PF00158)-> 
RCSB-PDB Structure Explorer (4 characters code; i.e. 1a36) -> 
PDBsum summary of PDB entry (4 characters code; i.e. 2hbs) -> 
CATH search results (4 characters code; i.e. 2bnh) -> 

Blast2_EBI BLAST search at EBI
Blast2_NCBI Basic/Advanced BLAST2  (blastall)  search at NCBI
MSA_EBI Multiple Sequence Alignment at EBI
PHYLIP PHYLIP is a free package of programs for inferring phylogenies (Whasington Univ.)
PHYRE2 PHYRE2 Protein Fold Recognition Server
PHYRE2-Expert PHYRE2 Expert Mode
LOMETS Local Meta-Threading Server - Zhang group

Durrant Lab software page Useful Software for Computational Biology and Drug Discovery


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